Hello, goodbye, hello.

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A lot can happen in a little over three years. Unfortunately, not a lot happened here on this site, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy. In fact, these last three years and change have been the busiest of my career: a move to Austin, working at not one, but two startups (and seeing one to IPO), the shift from working on websites to web applications, finally speaking at SXSWi on the topic of my last blog post three years ago- Building a Better UX resume’… In many ways the last three years have been the culmination of everything I worked towards during the ten years leading up to them. Several times I considered writing about these experiences here on this blog, but I was frankly, too busy experiencing them to actually write. I could write about them now, but at this point I feel a much more urgent need to face forward.

That said, this will be my last blog post here at foolishstudios.com, at least for the foreseeable future. I won’t be taking the site down or anything, it will remain as a place to check out some of my work and previous writings. It is time to stop fooling myself into thinking I’ll contribute anything here in a timely or consistent fashion.

Don’t take this admission of failure and subsequent shuttering of this blog as an indication that I don’t have anything more to say, however. When I turned this site into a blog I kept things pretty loose and open, with the intention of allowing myself to talk about anything and everything. This was a mistake, I need more focus than that. The result is clear- three years of inertia and zero posting about anything.

Two things happened after I spoke at SXSWi this year:

  1. The act of finally speaking at the conference that helped shape my career over the years left me with a feeling of closure. This was something I had worked towards for roughly four years and actually succeeding in doing so felt like a graduation of sorts. I was ready to move on to my next thing.
  2. I figured out what my next thing was: Press Start To Begin


Press Start To Begin is a new site I’m ramping up that will serve as a repository for my explorations of UX in video games. My intent is not only to write about my own ideas, but to gather concepts and findings from others exploring the space as well. For years I’ve felt more than a little split between my two professional callings as a UX practitioner and a Games Journalist, and suddenly this year I realized that the two needn’t be mutually exclusive. Here’s my new mission statement:

My goal with this site is to look at the usability and interaction design of video games and the various gaming platforms. It is my hope that bringing more attention to the user experience of games will bring a BETTER experience to games, and a deeper appreciation and understanding of UX to those who make them.

I’ll also be posting games and UX related articles on the gaming news site I work for, gamingtrend.com, to further integrate my two worlds. I honestly haven’t been this excited about a personal project of mine in a long time, and I feel that there is a ton of material to cover. My hope is to get other UX practitioners and game designers involved along the way, and that looking at games through the lens of UX can help push both disciplines in directions neither considered before.

Let’s play!